Into the hell of a virtual currency.Bubbles burst and evaporate 789 trillion

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เมื่อ: 2018-11-24 00:40:21
Virtual currencies have spent the worst week this year due to various unfavorable factors.

According to Bloomberg on the 23rd, the price of virtual currency including Bitcoin plunged from Monday to Friday, lowering the Blumberg Galaxy Krypton Index by 25 percent. The drop is the biggest drop in the five-day period since demand for virtual currency peaked in early January.

Virtual currencies posted an upward trend last year that surpassed the notorious bubble of all time, but this year, they faltered and finally crashed this week. According to the coin market, the market capitalization of virtual currency was 835 billion dollars in January, down to 138 billion dollars as of that day.

This means that 789 trillion won has evaporated this year. Moreover, the decline is expected to continue for some time. Bloomberg reported that the government's regulations and concerns that caused the virtual currency's slowdown this week, including blockchain internal strife, have been amplified.

This week, the virtual검증사이트 currency market experienced a sharp decline as a blockchain exploded into two types of 'hard fork' that split bitcoins into two categories. Experts analyzed that uncertainty in markets has increased due to hard-fork.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission imposed fines on the blockchain Air Fox and Paragon, which did not register as securities but carried out the IPO. This was interpreted as a sign that financial authorities, who are skeptical about the stability of virtual currency, will tighten regulations.

According to Bloomberg price statistics, Bitcoin falls further from the previous day and is traded at the $4200 range. Other virtual currencies such as Eider, Ripple and Lightcoin also fell to a similar level.