Who are you?Budget device for the five-year period

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Disagreements between the ruling and opposition parties, such as the budget for starting a university lab

Kim Yeon-jung, reporter of the Yonhap News Agency, = The budget adjustment committee of the National Assembly's Special Committee on Budget and Accounts = During the deliberation of next year's budget plan, lawmakers of the ruling and opposition parties suffered from verbal abuse.

This came as the Nuclear Safety Commission conducted a review of the budget cuts for next year.

Lawmakers of the ruling and opposition parties discussed whether the government's demand for a large increase in radiological substances and radon was a project to create temporary jobs, and then turned the 먹튀폴리스budget over to a pending item.

Rep. Song Eon-seok of the ruling Uri Party raised the question by saying, "It is not polite to express such or trivial matters as we are suspicious of paying close attention to taxpayers' money."


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